Temple Puzzle Room

Puzzle Design

Tiles to put into order Each tile shows a series of images

Tile 1: A great dark lord with his lizard man army march across the land from a volcano, they destroy every village they find and kill all people they see.

Tile 2: Heroes rise up from the human peoples and fight the lizard men, they kill many and stand against the dark lord, using powerful magics and artifacts they defeat the dark god, he is sealed in the volcano.

Tile 3: The lizard people create a temple in the side of the volcano and worship their dark master with human sacrifices, the evil god stirs in his slumber absorbing the powers of the volcano growing stronger.

Tile 4: Bathed in darkness the humans make a sacrifice to their gods, but the volcano under the eclipsed sun cannot erupt due to the stirrings of the dark lord, through the dark jungle the humans attack the lizard men in their temple.

When put in the right order this final tile is revealed and the door opens.

Tile 5: After fighting through the foul creatures the heroes climb aboard a floating disc in the volcano’s crater, they clasp hands in the middle and the disc begins to drop, the heroes and the disc are emerged in the magma and engulfed in flames, the volcano erupts and ignites the sun again freeing the land from darkness.

Temple Puzzle Room

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